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V O M   H A U S   E D I N B U R G H 


German Shepherds 

100% European Lines Bred for Loyalty Quality and Intelligence

Welcome to Vom Haus Edinburgh

German Shepherds  

We are a small but serious breeder.  Breeding German Shepherd puppies is not a "dog business," but a strong dedication to this exceptional breed.  

​Being intrigued by the German Shepherd's beauty, intelligence, and loyalty, I have had a love for this fine breed from a very young age.  I have owned many German Shepherds throughout my lifetime, understanding their workability, dedication, and constant will to please.

Much pride is taken in the puppies we produce, endless hours of work, socialization, and an emphasis on health is our primary concern.


Breeding German Shepherd Puppies in the Midwest just south of Madison, WI. 


Our beautiful little Charley...

Charley has been a most welcome addition to our family.  


They say loyalty, true friendship, faith, devotion, and love are things you can’t buy, they are things that are generally thought of as NOT FOR SALE. 


Thank you, Rose, so much, you have brought such joy into our home-and filled the void of our children leaving-we are alive and kicking again.

German Shepherd Puppies Madison, WI

A True story depicting the breeder of Vom Haus Edinburgh German Shepherds by a local Janesville, WI Writer, Sabine Shepherd.

A must-read for every German Shepherd lover. Best TESTIMONIAL EVER! Only $5.99 on Kindle!   


Our perfect little girl...

We have received so many wonderful compliments on Denali's personality and demeanor and I know Rose is to thank for that. Our perfect little girl would never have been that way without all the love she received when she was little.  she loves to be loved and is so amazingly smart.


 We cannot thank Rose enough for all the love, time, and effort she has put into taking care of these puppies.


I will never get a german shepherd puppy from anyone else!

German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Madison, WI
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