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All of our puppies are born in our home and exposed to family.  They remain in our home until four-weeks old and are then moved to our Nursery where an ideal room temperature is maintained for their comfort.  From birth, they are handled daily, and at around three weeks old puppies begin to socialize with people and we introduce them to different objects, textures, sounds, and experiences.  Studies have shown, handling puppies at a young age enables them to better handle stress as an adult dog. 

Viewing Puppies

Puppies will not be shown until they have had their first set of shots, typically 6 weeks old.  You will be asked to remove shoes and jacket (if necessary) and wash your hands before interacting with the puppies and adults. We ask that you do not visit any other home with dogs or pet store/shelter/rescue with puppies/dogs/cats for the safety of our pets.   A non-refundable deposit will hold a puppy.  We do not take deposits until pregnancy is confirmed and a questionnaire has been completed for consideration.  At any time, I have the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to a buyer for any reason. 

We start offering our puppies food (mush) around 4 weeks of age.  This is a combination of a meat baby food, mixed with Esbilic or Goat's Milk and baby cereal - rice, and supplements.  This allows them something with more substance while still being allowed to nurse from mom.  As they get a bit older, we switch them over to a premium kibble.

Placing Puppies

Our puppies can be released to their new home between 7 and 8 weeks but not before, this depends how they are maturing, and how they are interacting with their siblings.

Placement is based on suitability rather than on a first-come, first-serve basis. Puppies are matched according to the lifestyle and environment of their potential new owner, I want to make sure each puppy is placed in their forever home, only once.  I am incredibly selective in where my puppies are placed.  A questionnaire must be completed for consideration, this helps me help you in selecting the best puppy for your home and determining if this breed is right for you.  

What Puppies Will Go Home With

All puppies will go to their new homes with the following unless other arrangements have been made.

  • AKC Papers.

  • Health & Hip Guarantees.

  • Health records, wormings, shots, and any other medical records if applicable.

  • Copies of Parents Pedigrees.

  • Copies of Parents Hip & Elbow Clearances, (certificates).  

  • Puppy kits include - two small bags of puppy food, cookies, dog food coupons.  We use American Natural Premium Puppy Formula if you desire to change your puppies food, this will allow you enough so he/she can be slowly weaned.  PLEASE feed a Super Premium or Premium Puppy food, nothing less than a 4.5 star rated. 

  • Brochures to continue your puppy on NuVet Supplements, along with up to six supplements.  Please try to have a supply on hand when your puppy arrives home.  These supplements can be ordered from my site, they are not sold in stores.

  • Feeding Schedule.

  • Additional worming application if needed. 

  • Toy, chew bones, and collar.

Shot Schedule:

  • 6 Weeks Old:  Nobivac® Puppy-DPv (Progard Puppy-DPv) prevents Canine Distemper and Parvovirus

  • Discuss further vaccinations with your Veterinarian. 

Worming Schedule:

  • 2, 3,4, & 6 weeks of age: Nemex-2® pyrantel pamoate for Roundworms and Hookworms

  • 7 weeks of age: Safeguard® 10% Suspension Fenbendazole for Whipworms, and Tapeworms

  • 8 weeks of age: Safeguard® 10% Suspension Fenbendazole for Whipworms, and Tapeworms 

  • 12 weeks of age: same as 8 weeks

  • 16 weeks of age: same as 8 weeks

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