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Credibility and honesty are important to our customers, therefore, we do our best to make sure each puppy is a good fit for each individual family. We want your new puppy to be loved, cherished and valued just as one of the family.  Selecting the proper home for our puppies is a major objective.  Although most of our offspring have been adopted for companionship and family pets, we have also produced show quality pups that have gone on to become show dogs.

My goal as a breeder is to produce sound dogs in health, temperament, and structure. I believe a balanced dog is a healthy dog and stand firm that just because the dog is purebred, doesn't make it a healthy dog.  Through this process pedigrees are carefully studied and health testing is performed to ensure that my dogs are as healthy as can be. 

I believe every dog of its breed should be able to perform the tasks it was originally bred for and strive for, intelligent, highly trainable, instinct-driven, German Shepherds.  I want my dogs to be able to perform the tasks they were bred for along with being able to perform in the conformation ring to prove suitable structure, as well as fun sports that families can enjoy.  I strive for dogs that are true to their intended purpose, still, make excellent family dogs and love people.  I breed for sound dogs that are stable enough to become a good citizen in public and not show any signs of unnecessary aggression to other dogs or people.  Although I believe that our work has to be carried out by the new owner,  in providing the best training they can, it starts with the Breeder in ensuring that the puppies that leave my home are sound in mind and body, so that the task of easily training a puppy to be an amazing dog, is successful for the new owner.  A dog must be properly socialized, they cannot be tied out back, left in a kennel, or garage, they must be exposed to all walks of life. 

My personal goal is to help educate the public about responsible breeders and owners. To help people understand what it means to own a dog of this breed and give them the best life they can provide. To understand the necessity of health testing and making sure the dog is properly cared for through exercise for both the mind and body, nutrition, training, and routine health care.  Dogs are our companions and always deserve the respect of any living creature to be treated properly. 

We have been breeding West German Show-line German Shepherds since 2000 and  I have had the pleasure of experiencing this breed and growing with it since I was a very young child. To me they are something very special and I want nothing more than to share them with people I meet in life along my journey. 

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This site is in memory of some very special people in my life, Daddy, Mommy, Granny, June, John, and Marianne.  My beloved brothers Joey, Jimmy, my so very missed sister & best friend Margaret.  To our sweet, sweet Stacey Maureen who had a deep passion and love for all animals, we miss you, little angel...

A most special thank you to Susan Gifford, thanks for being by my side, and always giving me a reason to cheer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And... to my dear friends Joy and Robin Poor Bear R.I.P  my dear angels

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