Credibility and honesty are important to our customers, therefore, we do our best to make sure each puppy is a good fit for each individual family. We want your new puppy to be loved, cherished and valued just as one of the family.  Selecting the proper home for our puppies is a major objective.  Although most of our offspring have been adopted for companionship and family pets, we have also produced show quality pups that have gone on to become show dogs.


This site is in memory of some very special people in my life, Daddy, Mommy, Granny, June, John, and Marianne.  My beloved brothers Joey, Jimmy, my so very missed sister & best friend Margaret.  To our sweet, sweet Stacey Maureen who had a deep passion and love for all animals, we miss you, little angel....


A most special thank you to my best friend Susan Gifford, thanks for being by my side, and always giving me a reason to cheer.  Your loyalty as a friend is unmeasurable.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And... to my dear friend Robin Poor Bear R.I.P  my dear angel

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