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To All My Babies That Have Left Me... Yesterday I held you in my hand, I helped bring you into this world,  

I watched you grow and loved you more than you will ever know.   I send you now to your new home

with happy thoughts and good wishes, I hope you grow up to be a champion and that you will know love, 

happiness and a home filled with everything you deserve.  Playtime will never end and you will have

nothing but the best.  And, no matter what you become... you will always be champions to me.

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Nala Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Amanda R. - Mequon, WI  

Hi Rose,

I had been wanting to get a puppy that I could raise and train as my service dog. I knew I wanted a German Shepherd from the beginning based on how much I love the breed and their ability to be great service dogs. I spent months researching breeders and found Vom Haus Edinburgh and Rose! It was an amazing experience from discovery, to adopting my puppy. She is so knowledgeable about the breed and answered all my questions. She truly cares about the dogs she breeds and we still keep in touch. I brought my puppy home in late April of this year and she is as beautiful as she is intelligent. She was a fully trained service dog in 5 months!


She is a wonderful dog that was clearly bred by a wonderful person who knows what she's doing! If you want a well-bred German shepherd this is the place to go!  Nala is doing great! She is almost completely potty and kennel trained and she is 27 lbs. She is an absolute sweetheart! She loves people, cuddles, and dinosaur toys!!


Amanda R.

Mequon, WI

Kain Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Brandon F. - Albany, WI  

Hi Rose,

I can't thank you enough for the dedication you have to your dogs.  My puppy is super special, he is smart and can already sit, and lay down and knows what no means a very smart puppy. 


He is a lot of fun, for me and my family.


Albany, WI

Rika Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Jim & Nancy - Elkhart Lake, WI 

Hi Rose,

Rika is doing great she is such a good girl, certainly a handful, we love her thank you once again for everything you have done for us.

Jim & Nancy

Elkhart Lake, WI

Vinnie Vom Haus Edinburgh 

CelieOlivia vom Haus Edinburgh x Carol von Turbo 

Christine & Jason - Hollandale, WI 

Hi Rose,

Vinnie is already 10 and still healthy and active. He is incredibly smart, great with kids, and a much-loved member of our family. Thank you, Rose!

Christine & Jason

Hollandale, WI 

Denali Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Maura and Chris - Green Bay, WI  

Hi Rose,

We were looking for a german shepherd puppy and had spoken to a few different breeders. After I got off the phone with Rose I knew I didn't need to look any further. The time and effort Rose devotes to her puppies is above an beyond any other breeder we have ever spoken with or heard of. We have received so many wonderful compliments on Denali's personality and demeanor and I know Rose is to thank for that.


Our perfect little girl would never have been that way without all the love she received when she was little. Denali is the sweetest, she loves to be loved and is so amazingly smart. We also have a 3-year-old german shepherd and they are best buds! We cannot thank Rose enough for all the love, time, and effort she has put into taking care of these puppies. I will never get a german shepherd puppy from anyone else!


Thank you so much, Rose!

Maura and Chris

Green Bay, WI

Frieden Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Vic and Joe  -  Cross Plains, WI   

Hi Rose,

I have purchased two wonderful German Shepherds from Rose. There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for them. I have had labradors for many years and still love them, however, the intelligence and the loyalty of Rose’s dogs are amazing. The temperament is what we love so much.

They are calm and their beauty is the icing on the cake. We always are told they are not only beautiful but so well behaved. They are truly great representatives of the breed. I never hesitate to tell anyone where I would go to find a breeder. Rose cares so much for her animals. She has become not only our breeder but also a great friend!

Thanks, Rose for our two girls!!!!

Thanks again,

Vic and Joe

Leonidas Vom Haus Edinburgh “Beaujo”

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Enecia & Mike  -  Stoughton, WI   

I would just like to take a moment to talk about my experience working with Rose and Vom Haus Edinburgh.  My husband and I had known for a very long time that we wanted another German Shepherd, and I searched high and low to find a breeder who not only made me feel comfortable but, showed the kind of conscientiousness and concern for her dogs that we knew was so important.  I think fate played a big hand in bringing us together with Rose. We had no idea how closely we had come to crossing paths, and what we were looking for was only a few blocks away!

Rose and I communicated in depth through emails after I submitted our application, and she knew exactly what we were looking for.  After a couple of false starts, and a long (but, so worthwhile!)wait, we got our Beaujo. Rose kept us up to date on how Inca was progressing with her pregnancy and even allowed us to meet Jaeger well before the puppies arrived. I knew the minute I met wonderful Jaeger that we had absolutely made the right choice. Beauty, structure, temperament, and intelligence all in one lovely dog. Our hopes are that like his wonderful Dad, Beau will grow up to be a Service Dog

to assist me.  Beau came home to us at the end of June, and it has been an adventure every day. Being a puppy, his energy is boundless, so that has certainly livened up our quiet world! He is smart as a whip and learns everything I throw at him. Did I mention that he's gorgeous and he loves his mama? We can't wait to see the dog he is going to become, and at this point are very optimistic about his ability to become a Service Dog.


Rose's support didn't end when Beau came home. She has been there every step of the way to answer my questions, give advice, and encouragement on those days that like all puppies, Beau decides to behave like a juvenile delinquent! I not only got the puppy I have dreamed of for so long but, a wonderful human friend as well.  I cannot highly recommend Rose and her lovely dogs enough. Her knowledge makes it possible for her to recognize where/who her puppies should be with so that things work out for owners and dogs. Her ongoing support can be a lifeline in difficult times, and after dealing with other breeders, I can tell you is something without a price.

I hope that anyone looking for that wonderful German Shepherd to make their family complete will consider Rose. She and her dogs are treasures!

Butch Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Norbert & Rosemary  -  River Grove, IL  

Hi Rose,

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave us before purchasing our puppy, Butch.  You were so nice and answered all my e-mails with all the questions I had before purchasing our beautiful male German Shepherd puppy.  He is a real delight and very healthy.  We have followed your ideas regarding the food and the Knox gelatin which we feed him and he loves.

Everywhere we take him we get such nice remarks about his beauty and somewhat laid back attitude towards them.  I want to thank you also for keeping him with you for a few extra days while my husband recovered from his knee replacement.  Butch has helped him a lot with that also knowing he has to get up and walk him for a good hour in the morning and night which benefits both of them of course.  I would sure recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a puppy from you.  You are hands on and know everything about the breed.  Of course, coming from great parents I can see why the puppies are so beautiful.

Thanks again,

Norbert and Rosemary 

Kenzie Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x Finnigan Vom Lebenstraum

Bill & Sanja - Palatine, IL  

When we talked about bringing a dog into our family, we knew we wanted a German Shepherd. And upon researching several breeders in the area, we knew we wanted to work with Rose.  She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and so genuinely loves these dogs.

Kenzie was clearly well-cared for and socialized before we even brought her home. She was affectionate and curious and remains so. Kenzie is very bright and easy to train and is just a beautiful dog. 

We couldn't be happier with our decision to work with Rose.  Thank you for helping us bring our dear, sweet Kenzie, home! 

Bill & Sanja

Königin Cocoa of Vom Haus Edinburgh "Cocoa"

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x VA Camillo von Pallas Athene

Kathryn & Chad - Appleton WI

I’ve previously raised two beautiful Doberman pups and was fortunate enough to have my second dog for almost 14 years, and through our son’s first birthday. Three years have passed since then and my husband and I were adamant we wanted our boy to grow up with a dog. After a “misfire” on a large rescue dog based on its interaction with our toddler, we decided that if we were set on owning a large dog, that it would be best for us to raise a puppy even though that likely meant more work.


A friend of ours who is a vet counseled us on doing our due diligence because she said, unfortunately, sees far too many GSDs that aren’t from good stock, ideally raised and socialized, have subpar joint health, etc. Chad did extensive research regarding local Wisconsin breeders, focusing on Doberman and German Shepherds and his work pointed us in Rose’s direction. We’ve had Cocoa now for a little over 2 months and are thrilled with our girl. With Rose’s pre-training, Cocoa was a quick study of basic commands; she is not only beautiful, but her temperament was lovely. She was the star of her first obedience course and continues to socialize nicely.

She just had her first overnight visit to a local kennel where the proprietor is a specialist in rescue GSDs. When we went to pick her up, I asked how Cocoa did and they said: “Can we keep her?”. “Where did you get her from?!” “She’s such a good girl!”. We couldn’t be more pleased with our GSD and are grateful for the care and consideration that Rose at Vom Haus Edinburgh put into each selective litter as well as ensuring we would be an appropriate new family for one of her puppies. Thank you Rose for providing us our son’s new best friend and a loving member
of our family.

We wanted to say thank you, Rose, for the great puppy we received from you. After four males this was our first female German Shepherd to enter our lives.

We couldn't ask for anything more from this fantastic dog. She has fantastic
colors and a perfect temperament. 


We’re absolutely satisfied with our decision going with Vom Haus Edinburgh German Shepherds.


Thank you, Rose!

Bella Luna Vom Haus Edinburgh 

Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh x VA Camillo von Pallas Athene

Roman & Rosa - Cudahy, WI

Gunther Vom Haus Edinburgh "Kaiser"

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh x Carl Von Turbo

Laurie & Jerry - Thiensville, WI.

When we decided that we wanted to add another German Shepherd dog to our family, we knew that we wanted to find a puppy that was well-bred and family-oriented to fit in. Initially, we had considered adopting from a shelter but, unfortunately, we did not even get a courtesy response from any of the applications we filled out. That led us on our search to find Rose and Vom Haus Edinburgh.  


We were so pleased and surprised when we got a response from Rose the same day that we had contacted her! She was so easy to work with. We were able to go to her home and meet the puppies and her adult dogs. It was very evident that she spends a lot of time working with her litters-they were responding to commands already!



Needless to say, we chose our “Kaiser” that day.  He is a very easy going, intelligent, and loving dog.  He was able to blend in with our other German Shepherd dogs, right away. He was very gentle and very good with children-even our newborn baby.  Rose takes pride in her pups and we would recommend her pups to anyone looking for a great German Shepherd!

Grunie Vom Haus Edinburgh "Vinnie" (Jack)

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh x Carl Von Turbo

Jason & Christine - Highland, WI

  He is the biggest “lover” you can imagine!  He is doing ereal well with other dogs and people, he had a couple of playdates with a some different dogs this past week and he did great with all of them!  He is super smart too, he is doing awesome with all of his training…sitting, staying, fetch, etc.!


Gerwulf Vom Haus Edinburgh "Woody"

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh x Carl Von Turbo

Kate & Kit - Holmen, WI

We first met Rose and her Vom Haus Edinburgh German Shepherds about two years ago.  After talking with her we soon realized she was raising German Sheps for families. That’s what we wanted. We had just lost our sweet Edgar, a Shep Mix, and needed another Shep to fill the void. Rose saved us from our loss with her pups. We thought our first Shep was the best dog ever, but then we met Rose’s pups! When we picked up our pup, Guthrie, from Rose, he already knew his name, how to sit, and shake a paw. And he was only seven weeks old! He surpassed all our expectations.  Rose works with her pups from birth to delivery to the new owner. When you take home a Rose pup, you take home an already trained and trainable baby. To this day, we are amazed when we think of how much time she must spend with each puppy to get him or her ready for the new owner.

She spends sooooo much time with the babies. The coolest thing is to visit her house, find your pup, and watch the pup respond to its name. Wow! This is a woman who does more than breed.


Rose is a breeder who brings first of all top quality bloodlines to her pups. Secondly, she delivers love to her pups who are already so family ready. We wish we had more words to describe how good these pups are. So, what better proof is there of a great breeder than returning to her? That’s exactly what we did. We wanted another pup; we went back to Rose for a second puppy. And there was Woodson – already sitting, shaking, obeying commands. Oh my, it doesn’t get any better.


Two times now we have taken home a Vom Haus Edinburgh Shepherd. Two times, we and all of our friends, have been amazed at the gentleness, the intelligence, the beauty of Rose’s pups. Two times we have said that this Rose is a gift to those of us who love German Shepherds! Every time we look at our two boy pups, we say “Thank you, Rose.” We guess, the bottom line, is that this is a unique breeder. She does everything she does because she loves Sheps. She knows what she is doing. This is a smart woman who combines love with knowledge of the breed. Rose is a treasure, and we hope you find her and meet your treasured pup.

Gustav Vom Haus Edinburgh "Charlie"

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh-X- Carl Von Turbo

Mike, Jenny & “Charlie”

We could not be happier with our decision to purchase a German Shepherd puppy through Rose! My husband and I searched and searched online for reputable breeders and it became frustrating to us that each breeder we found seemed to be lacking that something extra…..either they wouldn’t return phone calls, respond to emails, or were very nondescript with their information regarding current & upcoming litters.


Finally, I came across Vom Haus Edinburgh and we were thrilled.  I emailed Rose asking about any upcoming litters she had, and within the same day, I had a reply! We were so excited that we had finally found a breeder that was dedicated to finding good quality homes for her puppies & continuing to improve the breed standard.


Over the course of the next four months I “pestered” Rose with questions, questions, and more questions. Each time she gladly answered them and gave us new information regarding the breed, their temperament, training tips, etc. 

We were confident in our decision, even before the litter was born! Finally, the day arrived for us to bring our little “Charlie” home…..he was everything we had imagined, calm & friendly temperament, intelligent, and beyond gorgeous! He even knew how to “sit”, “come”, and “give paw.”


It has been busy since we brought our latest addition to our family home, but it has been worth it….”Charlie” is an absolute joy! Every day he surprises us with his loyalty and smarts, and I am still more than pleased to keep Rose updated with his latest pictures! We both consider Rose to be a great resource and friend for us, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that if I as a first time GSD owner have a question, no matter how silly it may seem or how many times I have asked it……Rose is just an email away! I can happily and honestly say that when it comes time to give “Charlie” another playmate, we will without a doubt go to Rose at Vom Haus Edinburgh!”

Sincerely, Mike, Jenny & “Charlie”

Gage Vom Haus Edinburgh

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh x Carl Von Turbo

Bethany  - Green Bay, WI

Rose, He is just the best boy ever. Smart as can be. Totally housebroken. Not so much as 1 accident. Sleeps all night, heals on lead, sits, stays, and brings me his dish when it is empty. Couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Took him to the Vet for his well puppy check up and she said he was just fine. He goes back next week for a stool sample check. Etc. He starts school next week. He already knows all the puppy commands but I want him to go for socialization.  


He has been with my family's dog and my cat, Mr. Bill and he loves them. I still want him to be with other outside dogs and people. I think it's really important at this age. I will be training him as a therapy dog.  His temperament is perfect for it. Thank you so much for all your effort as a conscientious breeder. You have done everything exactly right and have created a quality, perfectly imprinted, and balanced puppy.  


I couldn't be more pleased... You are the best !!


Ernst Guthrie Vom Haus Edinburgh "Guthrie"

CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh x Carl Von Turbo

 Kate and Kit M.  -   Holmen, WI

On June 6, 2008, my husband, Kit, and I drove up to Rose's home to take our new boy, Guthrie, home. We had purchased Guthrie via phone calls with Rose and tons of pictures online. As she welcomed us into her home, we saw immediately that we were in the home of a woman who provided the best of care for her new puppies who were all just gorgeous. Guthrie was frolicking with his brothers and sisters in Rose's Kitchen area.


The entire space was filled with fun puppy toys and soft, warm blankets. The puppies were so wonderfully friendly and beautiful, too. After meeting them all, we met Mama Dog, Celie, who was such a good looking sweetheart, and Rose's other shepherds; all of whom were stunning to see and gentle to interact with. Our Guthrie is now eight months old, and we feel so lucky to have such a magnificent German Shepherd.  He is such a kind, obedient, loving boy.  He loves all his humans and is so affectionate. He listens well and training has been so smooth. 

We have yet to take him out to places without being stopped and given compliments either about his looks or his mannerisms. He loves all the other dogs he has met and is very social. We are so thankful for Rose for choosing to do all the hard work it takes to breed and raise high-quality German Shepherds. Her knowledge, expertise, and love all come together to help bring these most incredible dogs to our world. She is super involved with her dogs. We still correspond often with Rose to both update her about Guthrie and tap her storehouse of shepherd knowledge. Please feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about Rose and her Vom Haus Edinburgh Shepherds. She is definitely a gift to shepherd lovers, and we will always be grateful for her Ernst Guthrie Vom Haus Edinburgh "Guthrie" CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh-X- Carl Von TurboThe phrase of "crossing paths" can be a bit overused these days, but I have to use it when speaking about Rose. I am so very grateful to have crossed the path of Rose.  After the loss of our beloved shepherd, Edgar, we knew finding another companion would be hard as Edgar was so well-loved. We even received dozens of sympathy cards for him.


We searched sooooooo many websites for a shepherd, always left without the feeling that the priority was a family pet. Then we found Vom Haus Edinburgh's site and immediately felt like we had found a kindred spirit in Rose. Her dogs certainly are incredible with their heritage, but more importantly for us, they all seemed so family-friendly. Talking with Rose on the phone confirmed all of our good vibes. This woman loves her animals and makes sure that they find families who will love them just as much. Rose was so sympathetic to our loss, and before I knew it, a half-hour on the phone sped by as we arranged to adopt one of her latest puppies. We still had a couple of weeks to go before we can bring our "Guthrie" home, but Rose has been so diligent in sending us pics and getting our baby used to his name. I can just picture all these puppies romping in her kitchen and receiving all her love and German Shepherd insightful training. I am grateful to Rose for all she does for the breed and for all she does for us humans about to add her pups to our families. Feel free to contact me later for comments after our baby comes home with us; and certainly find Rose if you are craving the world's best dogs, German Shepherds. She is a gift! 

"Eva & Livy " Vom Haus Edinburgh

CelieOlivia v  Haus Edinburgh  X Airies Von Sparr 

Ron & Maura  -  Mercer Island, WA 

The first puppy we purchased from Rose has turned into a wonderful and beautiful dog.  When we were contemplating getting another shepherd puppy we knew that we would get another great dog with an exceptional temperament and didn't consider any other breeders. 

Livy has already settled in nicely as you can see from the picture.

"Charley" Vom Haus Edinburgh

USSA Vom Haus Kuhn X Admiral Vom Schenck

Bill & Cindy - Janesville, WI

My husband and I have always talked about and wanted to get a GSD puppy.  But when our youngest son turned 18 and began to move out of our home I think the “Empty Nest” syndrome got us. It wasn’t long and I was on the computer researching and talking to breeders all over the country. I almost had things set-up with a breeder in California when I came across Rose’s web site.


Her web site was so beautiful, it was obvious the love, care, and respect she felt for her dogs. I felt I just had to contact Rose before I went any farther with the other breeder.  After a number of correspondences with Rose, we knew we wanted to meet her and see her puppies. We went to meet her and were so impressed with Rose, her knowledge, professionalism, and love for her puppies were immediately obvious.  My husband fell in love with little Charley at first sight so we closed the deal that day.

We had to wait for Charley a whole week and it was all Bill could do to make it through. He literally counted the days until we could go pick Charley up.  On that day Rose was so helpful and wonderful words just cannot explain it.  But it was the tear in her eye and the heartfelt “Give him a good home!” as we walked away that said to us, we have the right breeder. I will never forget that day.  Since then Rose has been there for us anytime we needed advice or help with Charley.  Her knowledge and personal attention are unsurpassed.  Bill and I want to thank Rose for our beautiful little Charley.


He is so strong and smart and inquisitive.  He has been a most welcome addition to our family.  We fell in love with him immediately and so has everyone who has met him. They say loyalty, true friendship, faith, devotion, and love are things you can’t buy, they are things that are generally thought of as NOT FOR SALE. Well, we bought it just the same, just the other day; it comes with big, trusting brown eyes and a wagging tail.  Thank you, Rose, so much, you have brought such joy into our home-and filled the void of our children leaving-we are alive and kicking again.

Diminka Alva vom Hausa Edinburgh“Alva”

Aldoboi Tini' -X- Admiral Vom Schenck

Bill and Cindy  -  Janesville, WI

We purchased our Charley (Charley vom Haus Edinburgh) from Rose in March of 2006. In the last 16 months, he has completely changed our lives, bringing to our home-unsurpassed joy, with his devotion, strength, pleasing temperament, intelligence, and stunning good looks. We are so proud of our boy that we would never even consider going to another breeder.

So when we talked about getting another GSD, it was just unspoken, we would go to Rose. In July of 2007, we picked up our little Alva, Charley’s half-sister. A mere 10th of her brother’s size she is beautiful and elegant. She continuously amasses us with her intelligence, loveliness, and steadfastness. In just a few short weeks she has captured all of our hearts. We at first were concerned about the two getting along, but Alva displays a very stable temperament and is able to romp with her brother without fear. The two get along so well, Charley is gentle, protective and watchful of Alva, while she is spunky, tenacious and loving with him.

She is so smart and attentive when I speak to her that I know training will go well, that inquisitive tip of her head when I’m speaking says more than any word, but the best ones are, “I Love You” The biggest comfort is that 16 months ago we found not only a breeder but also a dear friend whose knowledge and expertise we can rely on at any time we need it.


Rose is a true gem, she is always there if we have a question or are in need of advice. I am completely confident in the quality of breeding of our Alva. I feel we have found loyalty, friendship, love, true faith, and happiness, in our GSD’s and in Rose. When we went to Rose we bought a single trusting heart; which will forever be in ours. Once again, I want to thank you, Rose, for the miracle of life and love you have brought to our home.

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