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Inca Vom Haus Edinburgh

AKC: DN37478003

DOB: July 26, 2013 

OFA - Hips - Excellent  -  Elbows  -  Normal

OFA Number: GS-93134E25F-VPI   

Sire: Hill Vom Granne  -  Black/Red

Dam: CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh 


CelieOlivia Vom Haus



AKC: DN13470101

DOB: January 12, 2006

OFA - "Good"

OFA Number: GS-78242G25F-VPI 

Sire: Admiral Vom Schenck  

Dam: USSA Vom Haus Kuhn Black/Red

R. I. P.   March 13, 2018

Celie comes from an exceptional genetic foundation.  Homebred one of our own, Celie is out of our USSA Vom Haus Kuhn and Vom Schenck's Admiral Vom Schenck and is a great-granddaughter of 1997 and 1998 USA Sieger, V A Lasso vom Neuen Berg SchH 3. We look forward to continuing breeding to these extraordinary lines. Celie is an example of the quality we produce.  She is very expressive and strikingly beautiful, balanced in structure with high drive and outstanding movement.... just some of her greatest attributes. She has a gorgeous red and black coat and is a suitable size within the standard.  She demonstrates undeniable loyalty to our family a trait inherited from her mother with a never-ending will to please.  She is very athletic and loves to play and retrieve.

Aldoboi' Tini "Indee"  

AKC: DN12647301(10-07) HUN OFA25G

DOB: June 2, 2004

OFA - Hips "Good"

OFA Number: GS-74507G25F-PI HIPS

Sire:  Questo Vom Arminius Black/Red

Dam: Aldoboi' Penny Black/Red

Click Here to view Pedigree (Pink Papers)

R. I. P.   May 27, 2014

OFA Certificate

This very special little girl, Aldoboi’ Tini call name Indee was imported from Hungary, the summer of 2004 at age 8 weeks. She exhibits outstanding temperament, disposition, confidence, and is extremely intelligent.  Indee has an outstanding attitude beautiful movement and is strong with a balanced structure.  Since her arrival, she has matured substantially. She is a very loving soulful affectionate girl and is most happy when playing with her best friend Reilley.  Indee has been OFA Certified and is rated - Good

Questo Von Arminius, Indee’s dad, IPO-1, ScH-1, KK1-1 Ibz is a national progeny champion, has excellent hips, with great pigment.  Questo is from the famous Arminius kennels in Germany. Indee’s mom SG-1 Aldoboi Penny is working titled,KKL1 - IPO1 - VK1 - BH - AD KKl2a and out of the national Sieger Champion VA1 Viernheimi Nick. We are very excited and proud to have this fine import, and I look forward to working with her and producing like progeny!!

USSA Vom Haus Kuhn  "Hannah" 

AKC #: DL813687/03

DOB: October 28, 1999

OFA - Hips "Good"

OFA - Number: GS-62944G25F-NOPI

DNA - V255628


Sire:  Ike Vom Amur Black/Red

Dam: Hannah Vom Haus Kuhn Black/Red

R. I. P.   May 27, 2014

USSA has officially retired from our breeding program.  USSA has produced incredible offspring intelligent and loyal in nature. Leaving behind a legacy to carry on through her daughter ~CelieOlivia~    Thank you, my special girl, you are my queen and I love you dearly... 

USSA embodies many great qualities, she has done some Schutzhund and agility and loves to work, fast to the arm with a hard full grip. She is a very passionate, devoted family pet. She is a playful and athletic girl, yet obedient and extremely intelligent. USSA is the true foundation of our breeding program.USSA is a granddaughter of the 1997 World Sieger, and 1997 and 1998 USA Sieger, VA Lasso vom Neuen Berg

SchH 3.  We are grateful and fortunate to own this quality line, as Lasso is known to be one of the greatest lines brought to America.  USSA'S structure is sound and steady she possesses great strength and nerve, which has been passed on to her offspring. She has proven herself in producing outstanding progeny, black and red pigment in color, correct in conformation and structure.  She has a strong prey drive but is an outstanding house companion.  Her loyalty to our family has defined the true meaning of devotion.  Being very protective of her family, yet will not leave the yard without command.

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