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"Bella Blu" Vom Haus Edinburgh 

USSA Vom Haus Kuhn X Vikingland Juventus

~ David, Michelle, Kaitlyn & Austin Sobojinski ~

Stoughton, WI

We added another member to our family when we purchased our puppy from Rose two years ago. We previously purchased a puppy from another breeder which ended tragically two weeks after we brought her home.She had a congenital condition that was terminal. The breeder had no sympathy for us. We contacted Rose a few weeks later and were very impressed with her knowledge and love of the breed.


We explained our previous experience and how hard it was on our family. She was very empathetic and truly felt our loss.  Rose informed us that Hanna, Bella’s mom, was expecting a litter. We were very excited.  While we were waiting for the puppies to be born Rose kept us updated with Hanna’s progress.  As soon as they were born, she let us know and sent pictures. When the puppies were old enough for us to visit we got to meet them.  Rose answered any questions we had and even told us things we didn’t even think to ask. We were very impressed with all the information she gave us when we brought Bella home.


Bella has been a great addition to our family.  She is beautiful and very well tempered.  Our 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son are her best buddies.  Rose has been extremely supportive of us and we greatly appreciate it!  We would definitely recommend Rose to anyone looking to purchase a puppy.  We would like to extend our utmost respect and thanks for all you have done and continue to do for us!


"Augie" (Major) Vom Haus Edinburgh 

USSA Vom Haus Kuhn  x  Jago Vom Dänischen  Hof 

~Donnie, Tammy  ~  Waunakee, WI

Dear Rose,

My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for our beautiful and well tempered Major.  Major is now 3 years old, and he is proving to be a great “big brother” for our son, Donovan.   Donovan is a very inquisitive one year-old, and Major, even at 105 pounds, puts up with a lot of harassment from our son.He is gentle and kind, even though we often find Donovan pulling his hair, and chasing Major around the room, Major’s instincts take over, and is very gentle.  Major is our first dog, and from the get go, you have been a wonderful breeder, and have truly shown that you care about your pups.


We greatly appreciate you checking in on Major, and helping us through the training process. Your knowledge and advice has given us a wonderful companion, and now a big brother for our son.  Major is a big boy, and his heart is just as big.  He has been a protector, and a snuggler.  He respects his owners, and knows his limits.  He would love to play ball 24/7, but knows that when Donovan is sleeping its time to be quiet.  Major is a very intelligent dog, and has become a member of our family.He is very well adjusted, and knows how to wrestle with my husband one minute, and be careful around our son the next.  We are so grateful we have Major in our life, and cannot imagine our home without him.


We are glad that Donovan has a playmate and a protector.  Every time someone talks about getting a dog, we make sure that we tell them about you and your puppies.  If we are ever looking for another puppy, be assured, you will be the very first person we call.  Thank you for being so supportive, and being such a compassionate breeder.

"Brody" Vom Haus Edinburgh 

USSA Vom Haus Kuhn  x  Vikingland Juventus  

~ Mike & Michelle Jorgensen & Family ~ 

We purchased a puppy from Rose about 2 years ago and have been very happy with our decision. We had contacted several breeders, but after meeting Rose we didn't think twice about which breeder we wanted to work with.  Rose is a very honest, caring, and knowledgeable breeder and very professional to deal with. Throughout our whole "adoption" experience she kept in touch with us and updated us on Brody's progress.


She truly puts her dogs first and wants to make sure that they are going into the right environment.  Rose was picking us as owners as much as we were picking out which puppy we would take home. Whenever we have any questions or concerns she very promptly gets back to us and is always willing to give advice.  Our Brody has turned into a great dog and we have been complimented many times on what a beautiful boy he is.   He is very smart and truly a very loving dog! We have kept in touch with Rose over the past 2 years and she is always thrilled to get pictures of Brody and always interested in how he is doing.


Whether you are looking for a family pet, a show dog, or a dog for breeding purposes I have no doubt that one of Rose's puppies would fit any of these criteria. If we ever decide to get another puppy, we would definitely go back to Rose. 

Courtenay Vom Haus Edinburgh“Enya”USSA Vom Haus Kuhn -X- Admiral Vom Schenck


I own one of Rose's puppies from her latest litter (Ussa X Admiral}.  I looked at over 30 breeders, spoke to some on the phone, thru e-mail and looking at websites and I often found that I either didn't like the breeder or I didn't likewhat they had to offer.I wanted the "Whole Package".A breeder with good lines pedigree), trustworthy and honest,patient (since I had a million questions), early socializationof the puppies,etc... Rose exceeded my expectations.She is not only a wonderful breeder but person as well.She is someone I consider a friend and has always beenthere for me whenever I have a question.I would not hesitate toget another dog from her or refer her to anyone. P.S. We likeRose so much we named our puppy after her "Enya Rose" :O)


~Glade and Sherry Hulet~Spanish Fork, UT

Eyka Vom Haus Edinburgh"Jetta" CelieOlivia Vom Haus Edinburgh-X- Carl Von Turbo


Jetta is GREAT! As a matter of fact I had her at the vet this morning and I may have found a customer for you in the future! :) The doctor Jetta had today is a Shepherd owner. She has 3 right now and after seeing Jetta she really wants a puppy. She was also very impressed with the book you gave us with all of her information.The vet said that her heart, ears, eyes and teeth are perfect. The best part was when she looked into Jetta's eyes and loved what she saw. She says that Jetta has "thoughtful and kind eyes for a Shepherd which is a very good sign".She is sleeping on my feet as I write this) She is such a great addition to our family and has really matured in the last few weeks. She is still very puppy-like but has made great strides in her maturity. We still need work on jumping up when she is excited. She is very happy and a sweet girl who loves people of all ages and all animals. She rings the bell when she needs to go out and is very good about her boundaries outdoors. And if you can believe this...she has not destroyed one shoe!!! She steals them and gives them a few dents with her teeth but never goes any further! Of course she has a ton of chew toys and bones but she knows when to stop when she has something off limits. It's really cool. Thank you again for everything.


Tony and Camilla Larson~Excelsior, MN

Dakota Vom Haus Edinburgh"Otto"Aldoboi Tini' -X- Admiral Vom Schenck


Rose, Wanted to thank you for all your help and advise during our puppy adopting process. We have contacted several breeders. But it was your screening process to make sure that we were right for the pup that convinced us to adopt from you.Thank you for your love and dedication to this wonderful breed. Keep in touch


~The Koch's~Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

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